Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Chances are I’ll forget this one too. I can’t figure out who this fugitive is and why they sought asylum in my mind, interrupting the one thought that I’m pretty sure was going to make a difference today. If I could just figure that out, then at least I’d now where to start with the extradition.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

it's just a hollerin' snow

well, not really. right now everything looks a little smudged, like someone bumped into god with the light gray paint brush in his hand. the painted metal of the cars in the parking lot looks super imposed on the distant disorder of green, yellow, orange, burgundy, and brown. how can a chorus of such resonant colors be so quiet? i reckon it could be my vision is failing. either way, it's beautiful.

Monday, October 23, 2006

dual flush

i was at a friend's place of employment on thrusday and in the warehouse i saw a toilet with two flush buttons mounted in the lid of the tank. one for a .8 gpf and one for a 1.6 gpf. (water/solid respectively) i haven't been able to sleep since laying my eyes on this porcelain masterpiece, yet i can't figure out why i'm so excited about this toilet. i mean, it's a toilet!?! i've definitely got a conservationist side, but this thing's been keeping me up at night. it's kinda like the first time i saw the sloan flush mate. lulu and i were at lake tahoe on a ski trip -

side story - we didn't actually ski. we both hate it. we went through the trouble of dressing up, renting skis, then lulu sat down on the bench outside and watched me come down the bunny slope twice. she never even put her boots in her skis. we turned them in and set out to locate some snow mobiles.

anywho, my first trip to the hotel bathroom unveiled a well kept plumbing secret that made my entire trip. the toilet looked just like the one in my house, but flushed with such force (and low water consumption for all you fellow ecos) that if you were sitting on it, it seemed it would do the work for you. i removed the lid and found what appeared to be a pony keg crammed in the tank with a small metal label that read "Sloan Flush Mate." got a picture of that and a coyote. hell of a trip.

compressed air. i love it.

i haven't calculated the water savings based on my average usage, but i'm betting it would be substantial. i might even quit peeing in the woods.